Classification of Adhesive Tapes

How we classification all the tape in market?

Adhesive tapes can be categorized based on different criteria:

By Substrate Material

BOPP Tape: Made from biaxially oriented polypropylene.

Cloth Tape: Composed of fabric materials.

Kraft Paper Tape: Derived from kraft paper.

Masking Tape: Made from crepe paper.

Fiberglass Tape: Reinforced with fiberglass.

Tissue Paper Tape: Composed of thin tissue paper.

PET Tape: Made from polyethylene terephthalate.

PVC Tape: Made from polyvinyl chloride.

PE Foam Tape: Made from polyethylene foam.

By Application Temperature:

Low Temperature Tape: Suitable for use in cold environments.

Room Temperature Tape: Designed for standard room temperature applications.

High Temperature Tape: Capable of withstanding high temperatures.

By Adhesive Surface:

Single-Sided Tape: Adhesive on one side.

Double-Sided Tape: Adhesive on both sides for bonding materials together.

By Type of Adhesive:

Oil-Based Adhesive: Uses an oil-based glue.

Hot Melt Adhesive: Uses a thermoplastic adhesive that melts at high temperatures.

Water-Based Adhesive: Uses a water-based glue.

Rubber-Based Adhesive: Uses natural or synthetic rubber as the adhesive.

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