PE Foam Roll VS Air Bubble Wrap

pe foam roll

What's PE Foam Roll?

It is a type of packaging material made of polyethylene foam. It is a lightweight, flexible, and resilient material that is used to protect fragile items from damage during shipping or transportation. PE foam rolls are available in a variety of thicknesses and densities, so you can choose the right one for your needs.

air bubble wrap

What's Air Bubble Wrap?

It is another type of packaging material that is made of a sheet of plastic with air bubbles trapped inside. It is also lightweight and flexible, but it is not as durable as PE foam roll. Air bubble wrap is typically used to provide cushioning for fragile items, but it is not as effective at protecting them from impact.

Here is a table that summarizes the key differences between PE foam roll and air bubble wrap:

Feature PE Foam Roll Air Bubble Wrap
Material Polyethylene foam Polyethylene sheet
Thickness Available in a variety of thicknesses Typically 1-2 mm thick
Density Available in a variety of densities Lower density than PE foam roll
Flexibility Flexible Flexible
Durability More durable than air bubble wrap Less durable than PE foam roll
Protection Provides more protection from impact Provides less protection from impact
Cost More expensive than air bubble wrap Less expensive than PE foam roll
Typical uses Packaging fragile items, protecting items from vibration, insulation. Packaging fragile items, cushioning.
Drawbacks Heavier, less flexible, not as attractive. Less durable, can be punctured or torn.


More detailed explanation of each factor:

  • Durability: PE foam sheet is more durable than bubble wrap film because it is made of a thicker material and has a denser structure. This means that it is less likely to tear or puncture, making it a better choice for protecting fragile items.
  • Density: PE foam sheet is also denser than bubble wrap film, which means that it can absorb more shock. This makes it a better choice for protecting items that are likely to be subjected to impact.
  • Compressibility: PE foam sheet is less compressible than bubble wrap film, which means that it will not collapse as easily when it is compressed. This makes it a better choice for items that need to be protected from vibration.
  • Weight: PE foam sheet is heavier than bubble wrap film, which is something to consider if you are shipping or transporting the material.
  • Flexibility: PE foam sheet is less flexible than bubble wrap film, which means that it may not be as easy to conform to the shape of the item being protected.
  • Appearance: PE foam sheet is not as attractive as bubble wrap film, which may be important if you are using the material for decorative purposes.
  • Cost: PE foam sheet is more expensive than bubble wrap film, which is due to the cost of the materials and the processing required.

We understand that choosing the right packaging material can be daunting for those unfamiliar with the options. At SUMOPACK™, we offer free consultation to help prospective clients gain a clearer understanding of each packaging solution, ensuring they make informed decisions tailored to their needs. Talk to us today!

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